Pro Tip – How to shop for shower enclosure

For new shower installations, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is the style or type of shower door. One popular option is the frameless glass shower door.

Learn the pros and cons of choosing this style of shower door.

Pro: Frameless shower enclosure doors can be customized

Most frameless models are custom glass shower doors, which means you aren’t limited to mass-produced shower doors at a standard size. This adds more flexibility to your shower installation. In fact, customization is one of the important factors in purchasing a  shower enclosure door.

“The crucial thing [when choosing a frameless shower door] is the measure and install,” says Vladimir, owner of Glasska. “Typically, in the [frameless] doors we do, the glass is not square. When you go to measure, if you show up with square glass, it won’t fit. We order glass to one-sixteenth of an inch of the measurement.”


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